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From Mexico, where we live, we found Janice Favreau on and from there everything came together effortlessly. She took great care in the ceremony design, wording, and logistics with us. Her tips were a great help when planning long-distance. When the big day came, it only exceeded what we had imagined. Afterwards, several guests told us how moved they were by the ceremony.

                                    Stephanie and Luis

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You can search the findaJP website for JPs with special qualifications by entering a key word, e.g. French, African-American, Interfaith.

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Marriage officiants featured on are members of the Justice of the Peace Association. Adhering to the highest standards of the office of Justice of the Peace, they epitomize professionalism, reliability and integrity in their dealings with clients.

Members pledge to uphold a Code of Ethics that requires them to observe state statutes, behave honorably and professionally and always act in the best interests of their clients. Depending upon the state in which they serve, members are authorized  to perform other duties as well.



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