Three-initial Custom Monogram Stole for the Wedding Officiant

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Stole with 3-letter monogram in four monogram styles.  See Photos tab for examples of the monogram styles. Note that on the Cursive and Bishop three-initial monograms, the middle letter is larger than the others.  Usually it’s the initial of the last name that goes in the center position.  The natural order (FN initial, MN initial, LN initial) is preserved on the Queen style where all letters are the same size.   Be sure to enter the three initials in the sequence you want them embroidered.   

Wine Red
Steel Grey
Rich Brown
Royal Purple
Primrose Pink
Jet Black
Aegean Blue
Tangerine Orange
Avocado Green

Bishop 3-initial monogram
Cursive 3-initial monogram
Queen 3-initial monogram
Shield 3-initial monogram


Product Description

For more photos of our stole designs, see our Pinterest page.

Cursive monogram in wine red.

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