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Officiant role:Justice Of The Peace  

The ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day. Whether
it’s a formal service or a casual gathering, I can help make your wedding
a memorable and meaningful event for you and your family.

As your Justice of the Peace I will work with you to create a ceremony
that reflects the uniqueness of your relationship marking the partnership
of marriage that you are entering into.

As a former professional wedding planner I understand the intricacies of
shaping one of the  most momentous and memorable occasions of your
lives together.  As you embark on a new  beginning in your relationship,
it would be my honor and pleasure to ensure that your wedding
ceremony is unique, personal and unforgettable for both you and your
loved ones.

I cannot thank you enough for coming to my rescue and your web site should include....hero!

Michael and Melanie T.

Thank you for a wonderful ceremony! We received so many compliments from our guests.

Jason and Toni M.

First- Thank you so much for everything! You performed an absolutely beautiful ceremony. At first, I didn\\\'t believe you when you told me we\\\'d forget about all the guests while we were up there, but you were so right! You made us both feel so comfortable and relaxed, and we needed that.You truly are the \"bride whisperer\"!

Keith and Jennifer R

How to Contact Justice Karen

508-615-1619 (M)

Send an email to Karen Zirpola-Miller