We welcome advertisements on from vendors who provide products and services of interest to couples who are planning their wedding or other significant event.advertising_that_works

Ad size is 160X600 pixels
Ad space is available on most pages including:

  • Content pages (About JPs, FAQs, About Us) that reach a broad geographic audience

  • City/Town search result pages that target specific cities and towns.

Introductory low pricing currently available for all ad space.

Please explore the advertisement plans below and write to us  or call (475) 675-0710 with any questions. When you've selected a plan, follow the steps below to purchase your ad. Thank you for your interest in advertising on

Step 1

Select your Advertisement plan

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Extra Town Fee
$20 each
$20 each
$20 each

Step 2
Choose your state

Step 3
Add towns

Choose a region, check the towns where you want your ad to appear, and click ADD. Repeat with towns in another region if needed. (If you select more towns than your plan includes, the Extra Town Fee applies.)
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