Plans & Pricing

We offer five ways to become a member of the Justice of the Peace Association. All members must be a JP or other recognized marriage officiant in one of the fifty states and agree to abide by the Association’s Code of Ethics.

For help choosing your plan, please read our Q & A on Guidelines for Choosing a Plan.

Step 1
Select your Membership Plan

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Annual Fee
A Listing on
Towns included in Plan
1 town
6 towns
11 towns
23 towns
40 towns
Wedding Photos
1 photo
6 photos
11 photos
22 photos
Unlimited photos
1 testimonial
6 testimonials
11 testimonials
20 testimonials
Unlimited testimonials
Extra Town Fee
$35 each
$30 each
$25 each
$20 each
$15 each
Featured JP fee
$20 per town
$25 for all towns
or$20 per town
$50 for all towns
or$20 per town
$100 for all towns
or$20 per town
$150 for all towns
or$20 per town

Choose your State, Region and Townsend

Step 2
Choose your state

If your state or town is not listed, we’ll add it. Just send an email telling us which state and towns you want on findaJP.

Step 3
Choose your towns

Select your region (or county). Check off all the towns you wish to be listed in, and click ADD. If you wish to be listed in more towns than your plan includes (but fewer than the next higher plan), you can; the Extra Town Fee applies. Choose your hometown. Optionally, check off the towns where you want to be a Featured JP.
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Choose Region
Choose Towns
Featured JP
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Your Membership Plan

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Annual Fee $0

Guidelines for Choosing a Plan

Choose your membership plan according to how much exposure you want on The higher level plans include listings in more towns. Wider coverage translates into more contacts from couples. So if you’re looking to grow your wedding business, choose a plan with more towns.  Your listing will then be seen by more couples.  Consider also the amount of time you want to devote to your JP practice.

As mentioned above, more towns means more visibility for your profile, which leads to more contacts from couples and more weddings.

To help couples “find” your listing on findaJP, consider the following:
Couples seeking a JP usually look in the town where they live or the town where they will be married. You want to be found in the first town where a couple looks because often they will not search beyond that town. Listing your profile in many towns helps ensure that it will be seen on the first page a couple looks.

For some  JPs, it makes sense to be listed in all the towns and cities in their own region and perhaps surrounding regions as well. If that is you, you’ll want to know how many towns are in each region to help guide you in your choice of membership plan.