Posted on December 1, 2012 | Author Barbara Jay

You landed on because you’re planning your wedding — or perhaps it’s your civil union, vow renewal, baby naming or retirement ceremony, to name just a few kinds of ceremonies for which you might be seeking a JP. The JPs on have cumulatively performed ceremonies like yours thousands of times and are eager to share with you what they have learned. They want your ceremony to be wonderful. That’s why they are JPs… because there’s no greater high than being part of the joy of a wedding day!

So while you’re visiting, please listen in occasionally. What’s written on the JP Blog may influence the decisions you make about your ceremony. Each author will write from his or her own perspective as an experienced officiant.  JPs are all about the ceremony, so that’s what these columns will (mostly) be about. Your vision of the ideal ceremony might be emotional or restrained, funny or serious, sentimental or formal, theatrical or homey. But everybody wants their ceremony to be memorable.

Read the JP Blog and get tips from the pros about what makes a wedding ceremony memorable — as well as what should be avoided. We expect there will be some strong views expressed here. So please do Post your Comments in response!

Barbara Jay is the president of the Justice of the Peace Association.

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