Officiant Stoles

A stole worn by the marriage officiant adds a finishing touch to a suit or robe. Choose one of our luscious satin colors for one side of your stole,  another color satin for the other side. Embroidery is done on the side you choose in thread that matches the other side. Our custom designs include  the double wedding rings, the fleur de lys and the elegant filigree.

Only you will wear your stole so why not embroider your monogram on one or both ends? Do you see yourself as a knight-in-arms? The Shield monogram says that you are ready to do battle. The Queen monogram’s two or three initials rest on an award ribbon; she’s clearly royalty.  The wearer of the stately Bishop monogram is  the leader who will perform the ceremony.  Are you a more relaxed officiant who goes with the flow? The flowing Cursive monogram may be the right choice.

Or go with a single letter — your initial done in the impressive Scroll monogram.  Or the more graceful curlicues that drape around the Ornate single monogram. You could be Cher or Adele … what’s your initial?

Your design may be embroidered on one or both ends of the stole or you can combine embroideries: your monogram on one end, a formal design on the other.We also do custom! Just tell us your specifications and we’ll give you a price.  See photos of recently finished stoles on our Pinterest page
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